Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time (Year A)

Sunday 12th February, 2023

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Message from Canon Kristian

Dear brothers and sisters

I am sure we have all been both disturbed and moved by the scenes of devastation and destruction on the border between Turkey and Syria following the major earthquake there at the beginning of the week.   The number of those who have died has reached 24,000 and increases daily, as many are still buried beneath the rubble of the buildings that once were their homes.  The basic needs of those who have survived this devastation requires an immediate response and the world aid agencies are doing what they can to assist with this.  In the Newsletter you will find more information about how you can contribute online to the Turkey-Syria Earthquake Emergency Appeal through CAFOD, which is a member of the Disaster Emergency Committee.  Obviously, if you cannot give your donation online, it is always possible to give a donation at church using cash or our contactless machine.  Whether or not you are able to give a donation, each of us are able to hold the situation – those who have died, those who are grieving for them, those who have been injured, those who have lost everything and the members of the emergency services and international aid agencies who are working there – in our prayers of intercession.  The CAFOD prayer is included in the Newsletter if you would like to use that.

This Sunday at the 10.00am Mass at St James, we will be formally admitting Levi Roach into the catechumenate in preparation for his baptism at the Easter Vigil on Saturday 8 April. It is always a time of great joy and thanksgiving for a parish community to welcome and accompany a person on the journey of faith, so I know you will be keeping him in your prayers as he goes through the Rite of Election at the Cathedral on the First Sunday of Lent and the Scrutinies which will take place during the Lenten Season.

On a sadder note, Joan Jee died on Monday.  Her Requiem Mass will take place at St Boniface on Wednesday 1 March at 12noon.  We pray that she will rest in peace and rise in glory.  Please keep Peter, her husband, and their family in your prayers too in their time of grief.

You may be aware that each year at the Mid Devon Show, the Christian Churches of Mid Devon have an important presence with a tent which offers refreshments and provides a place for people to get to know the churches of our area and to be supported by prayer if they ask.  A number of our parishioners have helped out as volunteers in the tent in past Shows, but there is now an urgent need to replace some members of the organizing Committee and to appoint a new “point person”.  I attach an email from the Vicar of St Paul’s and St George’s in Tiverton, Revd Andy Humm, in which he sets out the situation. If any of you are willing and able to respond to this urgent appeal, do please get in touch with him.  It would be a real loss for the Churches not to have a presence at this important event in the local calendar.

Along with the Newsletter, I attach:

  • the weekly guide to prayerful meditation on the Sunday Gospel from Monika Manser
  • the latest number of Inspire from Deacon Peter
  • the Parish Volunteer Information Pack from the Catholic Children’s Society (Plymouth)
  • the latest Newsletter from St John’s School
  • an email from Revd Andy Humm regarding the Churches Tent at the Mid Devon Show

This year, the parish is also going to be taking part in the Great Big Diocesan Quiz in aid of the Catholic Children’s Society on Friday 28 April at 7.30pm in the hall at St James.  Teams in parishes across the Diocese will be taking part in this Quiz Night.  We would like to have a good number of teams.  Each team should consist of four members and the team can choose its own name!  So, put the date in your diary and give some thought to forming a team with family/friends/parishioners.  Hopefully, following the appeal in this week’s Newsletter, we will have a parish volunteer (or volunteers) to head up CCSP initiatives in the parish but, in the meantime, please let Canon Kristian if you have formed a team. The Quiz Night is a great way to raise funds for the Catholic Children’s Society, as well as being a fun event for our own community.

God bless you all

Canon Kristian

Canon Kristian Paver

Parish Priest

Parish of St James & St Boniface

40 Old Road

Tiverton EX16 4HJ

CAFOD Syria-Turkey Earthquake Appeal

In the wake of the terrible earthquakes in Syria and Turkey on 6 February, CAFOD’s local experts are already on the ground in Syria and responding to the needs of those affected. CAFOD has been working in Syria for years providing humanitarian support to families affected by the 12 year long conflict – families who now face another devastating crisis.   

  Because of the generosity of parishes in recent Fast Days and other donations, CAFOD has been able to make an initial allocation of £100,000 to provide urgent humanitarian support – food, water, shelter, medical assistance and winter kits in the worst affected areas. CAFOD also set up a Syria-Turkey Emergency Appeal.   

  Let us join CAFOD in praying for our sisters and brothers affected by the earthquakes and the winter weather. Your support for CAFOD throughout the year allows our Catholic agency to act quickly when disasters strike.

God of mercy,
We pray for the people of Türkiye and Syria
following the recent earthquakes.
We mourn the death and destruction.
and pray for those who have died and those who grieve.

We hold in our hearts those who are injured,
and those who have lost loved ones, livelihoods, and homes.

Sustain and guide all responding to this disaster.
Grant those affected courage and resilience,
as they rebuild their lives and communities.

Inspire us to unite in solidarity,
acting swiftly and generously,
so that help may reach all who need it.

Lord, bring them comfort, strength and renewed hope.

Diocese of Plymouth Newsletter Sign-up

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Operation New Warm Clothes

Many of you have already been amazingly generous in donating new warm clothes for the children in our area. There are still a couple of colder months ahead of us, so please keep the donations coming.

Become a Parish Volunteer for the Catholic Children’s Society

D o you enjoy organising coffee mornings, raffles, tombolas and quizzes?  Do you have a little spare time each month to help vulnerable children and their families living in our Diocese?

If the answer to either of these questions is yes, perhaps you might like to consider becoming a Catholic Children’s Society Parish Volunteer, maybe even jointly with one or two friends?  The CCSP is looking for Parish Volunteers throughout the Diocese to help the Society to raise funds for our Essential Grants Programme as it is currently overwhelmed by the number of applications it is receiving.  The Society received 421 applications in 2022 compared to 314 in 2021, and it is foreseen that the number of families looking for help will only continue to rise as the costs of living are becoming too much.  At present a maximum limit has to be put on the amount of grant funding that can be approved each month, as the Society simply cannot continue to approve the number of requests for support. For this reason, fundraising in 2023 is more important than it has ever been to reach out to as many vulnerable families living in our Diocese.

We have produced a Parish Volunteer Information Pack to help parishioners to support the Catholic Children’s Society (Plymouth) in each parish.  If you are interested in finding out more or in putting your name forward, please contact or call 01364 645420.

200 Club

Congratulations to Clive Murphy who won the £30 prize and to Fiona Langford – Jackson who won the £20 prize in last weekend’s draw. The 200 Club is an ongoing fund raiser for the Parish and new members can join for £1 a month. Please speak to either Simon Coombs or Sheelagh Bourdon at St James or Teresa Cummings at St Boniface. 

Palms for Ashes

Please bring last year’s palm crosses back to church so that they can be burnt to make the ashes for Ash Wednesday on 22 February.

LOUDfence in the Diocese of Plymouth

A LOUDfence – a visible display of support and solidarity with those who have been affected by abuse, to show survivors of abuse that the Church hears them, believes them and is here to support them – will be take place at Christ the King Church, Armada Way, Plymouth, between 2.00pm on Wednesday 15 and 4.30pm on Friday 17 February. The event is open to everyone and attendees will be encouraged to tie a ribbon to a fence which could also include a message of support. On Wednesday 15 February at 2pm, the opening speakers will be Fr Mark Skelton (Diocesan Clergy Lead for Safeguarding) and Antonia Sobocki (LOUDfence). On Friday 17 February there will be a Survivors Mass at 12noon. If you are unable to attend the LOUDfence but would like to send a message of support for this, please complete the online form or send an e-mail to

Masses and Events this week

Sunday 12th February – Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time A

  • Saturday 11 February – Our Lady of Lourdes – World Day for the Sick

    • Friends of St James and St Boniface at 9.30am in the Hall
    • Vigil Mass at 6.00pm Pro Populo

    Sunday 12 February – Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time (A)

    • Holy Mass at 10.00am
    • Holy Mass at 11.30am (at St Boniface)

    Monday 13 February – Weekday

    • Singing to Remember at 2.00pm in the Hall

    Tuesday 14 February – St Cyril and St Methodius, Patrons of Europe

    • Holy Mass at 10.00am Janusz Michalowski RIP (anniv)

    Wednesday 15 February – Weekday

    • Holy Mass at 12noon (at St Boniface)

    Thursday 16 February – Weekday

    • Holy Mass in Polish at 6.00pm

    Friday 17 February – Weekday

    • Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and Confessions at 11.30am
    • Holy Mass at 12noon

    Saturday 18 February – Weekday

    • First Holy Communion Preparation in the Hall at 10.00am
    • Vigil Mass at 6.00pm Pro Populo

    Sunday 19 February – Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time (A)

    • Holy Mass at 10.00am Baby Karpienko RIP
    • Holy Mass at 11.30am (at St Boniface)