St John’s Catholic Primary School and Pre-School Academy


Melbourne Street, Tiverton, Devon EX16 5L
Tel: (01884) 253630


Mr Rob Meech, Executive Headteacher
Mrs Jane Trott, the Chair of Governors

Our Mission Satement

And to each and to all
God entrusts a unique role,
A one and only place in the world’s story.

At St John’s Catholic Primary and Pre-school Academy, we are learning to grow into God’s family, where there are no outsiders, where all belong.

As a Catholic school, we aim to provide a well-rounded, Christian education to prepare our children for their unique contribution to the world.

About Our School

St John’s has no particular catchment area. We welcome applications from anyone who wishes to join us in our thriving, happy school.

Parents of children of all denominations and faiths, and those of no particular faith background who are willing to support our Christian ethos of caring for, and respecting others, are welcome to come and meet us to see what we offer.  Choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you make so we encourage a visit from prospective parents.

We are an academy, forming part of the Catholic Anglican Schools Trust (CAST). We are also members of the Tiverton Cooperative Learning Community (TCLP). As such we work closely with schools in the Plymouth Diocese and the Tiverton Primary Schools and Tiverton High School.

St John’s is a one form entry school situated in the historic market town of Tiverton.  Although we are a town school we are surrounded by the beautiful Devon countryside. When planning the curriculum, our teachers make full use of the many local facilities, which include two rivers, a canal and a castle.  Our extensive grounds include a wooded area which we use for our Forest School.

We have small classes, and see ourselves as a school family. We enjoy an excellent relationship with the local community and are proud to be part of the parish of St Boniface and St James.

If you would like to come and look around the school please contact Heidi  on 01884 253630 for an appointment.

A word from Pope Francis ….
(Audience 12 February 2014)

“Our Catholic schools offer to all children an approach to education that has as its aim the full development of the person, which responds to the right of every person to access to knowledge.

However, they are also called upon, with full respect for the freedom of each person,  to present Jesus Christ as the meaning of life, the world and history.”

From the Gospel of Saint John (10.7,11)

Jesus said:

I tell you most solemnly,
I am the gate of the sheepfold…
I am the gate.
Anyone who enters through me will be safe.
I have come so they may have life
and have it to the full.
I am the good shepherd.
The good shepherd is the one
who lays down his life for his sheep.