CaFOD News: Lent 2021 – Week 5

Last week we introduced you to CAFOD’s campaign “Reclaim our common home”, the campaign inspired by the Pope’s recent writings on the environment and our need to live more simply, more justly and with greater respect for the gifts we have been freely given by our Father in heaven.

“Global society is suffering from grave structural deficiencies that cannot be resolved by piecemeal solutions or quick fixes. Much needs to change, through fundamental reform and major renewal.” Pope Francis, Fratelli Tutti, #179

This year, we in this country, have an amazing opportunity to show the whole world that we want to make some of these “fundamental reforms.” As the host of two major international conferences, the British government has a crucial role to play in 2021. In the summer, Britain will host the G7 annual meeting where the leaders of the seven richest countries will gather to discuss how to rebuild after the pandemic. (Just down the road in Cornwall!) This will be followed by the UN ‘COP26’ climate talks taking place in Glasgow in November, where world leaders will come together to agree how they will work towards ending the climate crisis. As Catholics this gives us a wonderful opportunity to live out our faith and to actively “love our neighbour” by considering these three areas-

  • Tackling the climate crisis-urging world leaders to agree ambitious goals that address the climate emergency and ensure that those countries least responsible do not end up paying the highest price.
  • Ending unjust debts by pushing for full debt cancellation This will free up vital resources so that they can tackle the health and economic impacts of the pandemic.
  • Holding business accountable for practices throughout their supply chains to ensure that communities are protected from human rights abuses and environmental destruction.

These may seem like distant, impossible goals for parishioners here in Tiverton, but our brothers and sisters in the developing world are suffering and will continue to do so. One small thing we can do is to maybe sign CAFOD’s petition ( to the PM as he hosts both conferences. Or we can continue to pray for the work of CAFOD as they work to deliver social justice around the world.

In our attempt to help those badly affected by the issues highlighted above, “Team St James and St Boniface” is striving to walk their 10k steps daily. So far, we have walked just over 2.5 million – about the distance from Tiverton to Rome! And we are close to our target of £1000. We’d love you to continue to walk alongside us by: