CaFOD News: Lent 2021 – Week 4

In our last Newsletter, we described how 26 of the 30 countries most vulnerable to natural disasters and a changing climate are the least developed countries in the world. We all know that this isn’t fair or just and it certainly isn’t the plan for the world which was created so perfectly for us by Our Father in Heaven.

The Pope has written frequently about the need to care for our common home and now CAFOD has begun a campaign which reflects his writings and aims to address the unfairness of our world, of our home.

In 2020, we experienced the worst global health crisis in a century. The pandemic exposed many of the inadequacies of how our world currently works. It has proved that we need greater cooperation between nations, solidarity between people and a greater focus on the poorest in society.

As Catholics, we are called not to stay silent and not to be passive. This is why “Reclaim Our Common Home” is a real call to action. It’s a call to participate both individually and collectively in rebuilding a more dignified and sustainable world after the pandemic.

To do this we need to:

  • RECLAIM nature so that everyone can breathe clean air and be protected from the threat of climate disasters.
  • RECLAIM the world’s land and resources so they are more fairly distributed and all our brothers and sisters around the world can live in dignity.
  • RECLAIM power so that everyone can be involved in decision making and have control over their own lives.

Our Parish team is walking to highlight just one small effect of Climate Change and injustice in one small corner of the world. CAFOD’s new campaign asks us to strive for bigger things!

More next week!

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From Team St James and St Boniface.