16th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year A)

Sunday 19 July 2020

Please contact the parish to receive the newsletter by email each week.

Message from Canon Kristian

Dear Parishioners

This week’s Parish Newsletter is below, together with the helpful handout by Monika Manser to assist with our prayerful reflection on Sunday’s Gospel.  There is also a copy of some helpful advice issued by Plymouth Caritas in conjunction with St Petroc’s about how we might engage with the homeless men and women on our streets.  It is expected that, with the ending of the lockdown, many individuals will once again find themselves living back on the streets, with the added danger of being very susceptible to contracting COVID-19.  Thankfully in Tiverton and the surrounding area we have the great resource of CHAT to give advice and various forms of assistance to those who are homeless in our area and we should do what we can to support that charity in its essential work.

We are gradually adapting to the new reality in which we are living, even with regards to the way we are having to celebrate Mass in church.  It does look like we will be having to make another change next week, when every indication is that the Government will make the wearing of face-coverings obligatory when in church, as well as in shops and other confined spaces, although the same exemptions will apply to those who cannot wear a covering due to a medical or other condition and to young children.  So I encourage anyone who hasn’t yet procured a face covering of some kind to do so as soon as possible.

Please do encourage any parishioners you know who are not shielding/clinically vulnerable and who haven’t yet returned to Mass to come to Mass.  The vast majority of those who have come to Mass have said how much it means to be back in the church building again, to celebrate Mass together and to receive Holy Communion.  Likewise, if you know of anyone who cannot come to Mass and who would like to receive Holy Communion, do let either myself or Rosie know and arrangements can now be made to have the Blessed Sacrament brought to their home instead.

Let’s continue to hold each other in prayer throughout the parish, especially those who are feeling vulnerable or fearful at this time.  It is important to keep the spiritual bonds of our parish community strong, even if we are being asked to keep our distance socially out of love for our neighbour.

With every blessing

Fr Kristian

Parish Office Hours

As the on-going need to notify us when you would like to come to Mass has shown, it is important to be aware of when Rosie, the Parish Secretary, is in the Parish Office. She is there to deal with all routine parish administrative matters, as well as to help with any other pastoral enquiries.

The Parish Office is normally open on:

Monday to Thursday from 10.00am-1.00pm

Friday from 10.00am-1.00pm

During these hours it is possible either to visit the Office, which is situated next to the Presbytery, being careful to observe the necessary social distancing rules, or to contact Rosie by telephone.  Emails can be sent at any time, although these will only usually be answered during Office hours.

The contact details can be found on the Contact Us section of the website.

Masses at St James

Mass is celebrated at St James on:

Tuesday at 10.00am

Wednesday at 12noon

Thursday at 6.30pm

Friday at 12noon

Saturday at 6.00pm

Sunday at 10.00am and 11.30am

It is very important that you let the Parish Office know that you would like to come to a particular Mass.

It is likely that, from 24 July when the requirement to wear face coverings which will become obligatory when in shops and other confined spaces, it will also be made obligatory for churches. Because of this new requirement, we are making plans to reduce the social distancing to “1 metre plus” to enable more people to come to Mass at any one time.

At least two Stewards (three on Sundays) need to be present at each Mass to ensure the observance of social distancing, to take the details of those present, if necessary, and to sanitise the church afterwards. We need to have more volunteers to become stewards, so that the responsibility can be shared across the parish community. Remember that without stewards we cannot celebrate a Mass, so please contact Canon Kristian or Rosie if you can offer some of your time.

Plans for Opening St Boniface

With the likely introduction of obligatory face coverings in church and the concomitant reduction in the social distancing rules, the necessary risk assessment will be undertaken with regards to the possible re-opening of St Boniface for Mass.  The size and shape of the church will almost certainly mean that only a small number of individuals will be able to be accommodated, but we will consider all possible options.

As at St James, two Stewards will have to be on duty whenever the church is open for Mass, so we would need volunteers to take on this role.  Please contact the Parish Office if you would be willing to act as a Steward when St. Boniface can be re-opened.

Imaginative Contemplation of the Gospel

A handout to help us to pray with this Sunday’s Gospel using our imagination is available under the Resources section of the parish website. There is an opportunity to pray this Gospel together in our weekly on-line prayer group.   Contact for the Zoom access details.  All welcome.


For those who do not have a computer or access to the internet, the Diocese of Middlesbrough in conjunction with the Knights of St Columba have set up a telephone service on which you can listen to a recording of Sunday Mass, which is available from 12noon each Sunday until the following Sunday.  The Mass tends to last approximately 45 minutes and only costs the price of a local call.  The Knights of St Columba cover the additional 34p that each call costs.

The number to call is 01642 130120.

Parish Newsletter and Emails

With the impact of COVID-19, as well as for the benefit of the environment, it is time for the parish to become as “paperless” as possible.  One way to achieve this is to send out newsletters and other communications by email.

Many have been receiving the newsletter in this way for a few months already, but there are quite a few parishioners for whom either we do not have an email address on file or the email address we do have does not work.  This is particularly the case with regards to many of the email addresses which have a Polish domain name.

If you have not been receiving the newsletter by email and you do have an email address, please email your email address to the Parish Office and we will update our records.

200 Club

During lockdown four monthly draws for the 200 Club have not taken place.  It is intended to have a draw in August.  Those members that pay annually will be credited for the months not drawn and those that pay monthly will not owe for those months.  For the August draw, those who pay monthly are asked either to leave the money in a clearly marked envelope at the presbytery or to send a cheque to the Parish Office.  Cheques should be made payable to the “Parish of St James and St Boniface”.

Should you have any queries, please contact Simon Coombs (01884) 258331 or email

The number to ring is 01642 130120.

Homelessness – How can we help?

In Tiverton we are blessed to be able to seek advice from, or refer a person to, the expert support services provided by CHAT. We can give our support to that charity by visiting or by going to their Facebook page:

Caritas Plymouth has also produced an updated guide for supporting people who are homeless, in partnership with St Petrocs in Cornwall.  The guide can be found on the Diocesan website at

Masses and Events this week

Saturday 18 July

  • Vigil Mass of Sunday at 6.00pm

Sunday 19 July – 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

  • Holy Mass at 10.00am
  • Holy Mass at 11.30am
  • “Afternoon Tea” on Zoom at 3.00pm

Tuesday 21 July – Weekday

  • Holy Mass at 10.00am

Wednesday 22 July – St Mary Magdalene, Apostle of the Apostles

  • Holy Mass at 12noon

Thursday 23 July – St Bridget of Sweden, Patron of Europe

  • “Coffee Morning” on Zoom at 11.00am
  • Holy Mass at 6.30pm

Friday 24 July – Weekday

  • Holy Mass at 12noon

Saturday 25 July – St James the Great, Apostle

  • Vigil Mass of Sunday at 6.00pm (17th Sunday in Ordinary Time)