“All of us have a responsibility for the wounded , those of our own people and all the peoples of the earth. Let us care for the needs of every man and woman, young and old, with the same fraternal spirit of care and closeness that marked the Good Samaritan.” [Pope Francis, Fratelli Tutti, para 78]

Please see how Abdella spends all his time collecting water

See how Hagos, in the video, now has fresh water pumped into his village using electricity pumped by solar panel energy, thanks to CAFOD and people like you.

How, then, can we help those one in three people around the world without access to safe drinking water?

Please join CAFOD’s Walk for Water challenge:

Sign up at https://cafod.org.uk/Fundraise/Walk-for-Water where you can read more about why CAFOD asks you to walk for water this Lent.

What next?

  • Ask family or friends (and maybe work colleagues) to sponsor you. Your sponsors will pay a sum of money by clicking on your Just Giving page (easy to set up if you don’t have one yet). They can decide on the amount however they wish. Their donation will automatically go to CAFOD. Or they can just transfer the money to you in whichever way suits them best-cash, bank transfer etc etc. for you to directly donate to CAFOD.
  • You, and any team members, should start walking on or after Ash Wednesday, 17 February. Record your daily mileage on your ‘phone or on paper or see “Tracking Your Steps” in the Faqs.

I cannot walk 10,000 steps a day. What can I do?

  • You can form or join a team, say with friends and/or members of your family. The steps of each team member are combined to establish the team’s daily total. There are opportunities to join or form a team when you create your Just Giving page.

Can I help if I’m still at school?

  • You can, if you find a grown up to sign up with. Why not contact some of your school friends to set up one or more teams [see faqs – https://walk.cafod.org.uk/faqs]?

I don’t think that I can walk every day during Lent. Can I help another way?

We hope you can take part in some way or other, no matter how small!