So far this Lent we have introduced you to Ibrahim who has benefitted from the work achieved by CAFOD’s partners and to Abdella who is still waiting for help. Today we want to think about one of the many reasons why communities like those where Ibrahim and Abdella live, are so short of safe clean water. It does not happen by accident or bad luck; it is partly caused by the actions of those of us in the developed world: climate change.

Climate change affects us all. But it hits the poorest hardest, multiplying hunger, migration and conflict. If you already live on the edge, extreme weather events can push you over into ruin. With no financial or social safety net, a flood that destroys your home can leave you completely destitute. A drought which dries up your one source of safe, clean water can have the same effect.

26 of the 30 countries most vulnerable to natural disasters and a changing climate are also the least developed countries. It is deeply unfair since these countries have actually done the least to cause climate change.

Climate change affects our health, our homes, our heritage and our beautiful landscapes. Our community centres where we meet, our sports fields where we play and our places of pilgrimage where we reflect. It also ruins the work we do to fight poverty.


…..together as Catholics, we can turn the tide. We can call on our politicians to go further and faster with emission cuts. We can treat our common home with respect and choose to live sustainably. At CAFOD we have been inspired by Pope Francis’ letter on the environment Laudato Si’. It complements what the Catechism of the Catholic Church says that our responsibility as good stewards of creation, is to care for our world and not ‘steal’ resources from future generations.

God reveals himself to us in nature. The world is a gift from God and its future is intimately bound up with our own lives and choices. This Lent why not try to make some choices that can help and not hinder our beautiful world, choices that will reflect the God-given gifts we sometimes squander. It really is true that small things make big differences. Go on, give it a go for the rest of Lent!

Next week, we will share with you CAFOD’s latest campaign to support Pope Francis’ focus on “Care for our Common Home”.

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